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Insurance companies are not your friend. After an accident it is important that you deal with them cautiously. You do not want to give them information that could be harmful to your personal injury claim. The insurance company’s goal is to make the smallest payout possible. They are known for using tactics and unscrupulous business practices to pay less than what a claim is actually worth or to not pay a valid claim at all. When you hire a personal injury attorney he or she will deal with the insurance company on your behalf. And your attorney will look out for your best interests and protect your rights.

Should I Release My Medical Records to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

Releasing your medical records is part of a personal injury claim. Your records are important evidence of your injury, and they prove an element of your case. As such, it is the opposing insurance company’s right to review your medical records and determine whether you were actually injured in your accident.

However, there are limitations. Insurance companies can only view records covering a certain time period, unless they can show that there is evidence of some prior related injury. In addition, they should only be reviewing records that are relevant to your car accident claim. For example, if you are claiming a back injury from your accident, there is no reason for them to be reviewing your mental health medical records.

Before responding to record requests sent to you by the opposing insurance company, we encourage you to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. It is important that you understand the scope of the record requests and that you protect your rights. Having an attorney make sure that no unrelated and sensitive records make their way into the hands of the insurance company can put you at ease and protect your claim.

Omaha Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve suffered serious injury and have long-term impact from an accident, you need to make sure that you’re compensated fairly. Hire an attorney who knows the serious effects that this accident will have on your life, health, and your ability to work in the future.

The attorneys of Miller Lathrop are seasoned jury trial lawyers. What does this mean for your case? It means we are equipped to get you the best possible outcome. Many insurance companies decide how much someone will recover based on whether or not their lawyer actually picks juries and tries cases to a verdict. Insurance companies know us as attorneys who routinely try cases to verdict.

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