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Clients are the best way to judge a lawyer.

We take great pride in the fact that many of our new clients are referred to us by our past clients. Here is what some of them have had to say about us.

My husband and I interviewed over 20 lawyers before we met Matt. We knew immediately that he was our man. The atmosphere when you walk into his office is like no other. Look around and you can see what is important to him – his family – isn’t that why you came to his office? To help protect you and your family?!

We have dealt with many lawyers over the years for different reasons, but never have we felt the way we feel toward Matt for any of them. He is one of the most intelligent, unselfish, caring, patient, honest, understanding and sincere people we have ever known. Not to mention the fact that if you didn’t know better, you would think you were his only client. He has this calming effect on you, he makes you feel at peace with your situation (or at least more so than when you first went into his office).

We feel very blessed to have had Matt in our corner during our lawsuit. We consider him not only our lawyer, but our friend. He is a true blessing to us.

Thank you, Matt (Marlyss and Ann, too), for all you do! You are on our list of “TRUE ANGELS” in the world. Stay Safe!

Ken & Karen Callaway

Leshara, Nebraska, Motor Vehicle Accident

Matt Miller did a tremendous job for me in my injury lawsuit. I was treated with dignity and respect. Matt obtained a far larger amount in an out of court settlement than I could have ever imagined. I would highly recommend Matt Miller to anyone needing legal assistance

Thomas Vance

Lincoln, Nebraska, Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Negligence Claim

I was seriously injured in an accident that required surgery to my shoulder and back. I had a lawyer on my case before Matt and the difference was astonishing. Matt was professional, courteous and prompt in returning my calls and answering my questions. When it came to dealing with the insurance company, he was more than their match. I will continue to refer people needing a personal injury attorney to Matt Miller.

David E. Nicholson

Omaha, Nebraska, Motor Vehicle Accident

Matt Miller is a very personable attorney. When I was injured in an accident, he took the time to come to my house and meet with me until I was physically able to come to his office. I feel I received better service from Matt Miller than any other attorney in the Omaha area. I highly recommend Matt Miller to anyone needing assistance with a personal injury claim.

Lisa Butler-Walker

Omaha, Nebraska, Motor Vehicle Accident

My cousin recommended Matthew Miller to me after he had mediated their lawsuit with the City of Lincoln. To be honest with you, I don’t like attorneys. But after having Matt as my attorney I realized that there are decent and good attorneys. And you will find no better attorney than Matt Miller. Matt was honest and gave you what information you needed but you never felt any pressure from him. Matt is very understanding, compassionate, and concerned about you and your circumstances. He is courteous, respectful, patient and willing to go the extra mile to get you the best settlement that he possible can whether that is in court or trying to mediate the claim. Matt is highly intelligent in his legal practices and procedures. He is prompt returning your phone calls and answering all your questions. He will always make time for you. He gives excellent advice to you and allows you to make the decision. I consider Matt a very special friend and confidant as well as my attorney. I would highly recommend Matt Miller to anyone who needs his special skills in personal injury accidents.

Nila Irwin

Lincoln, Nebraska, Motor Vehicle Accident/Wrongful Death Claim

I am elderly and I was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident. Matt not only went the extra mile to prove that I was the victim, but I received a far greater settlement than I could have dreamed of. For the best results, I highly recommend Matt Miller.

Earnestine Easter

Omaha, Nebraska, Motor Vehicle Accident

I wanted to thank both you and Jennifer for your very hard work during the settlement of my car accident. I also appreciate your honesty and straightforward approach while handling my case. Everything was taken care of in a very timely manner, my calls were always answered, and I knew what the status of my case was at all times. Because of your hard work, I received the best settlement I could have. In short, I will recommend your firm to everyone I know. Thanks again!

Ralph Kerkemeyer

Omaha, Nebraska, Motor Vehicle Negligence Claim

I feel blessed to have had Matt as my attorney. You are not just another case or nameless face with him. As a person with many worries, concerns, fears and questions at an uncertain time, I found I could talk to Matt and receive hope, help and direction for the future. Matt really cares about his clients and it shows in his work. He handled my case with honesty and integrity and got me a great result. You would be fortunate to have Matt Miller as your attorney.

Mary Beth Bartek

Omaha, Nebraska, Motor Vehicle Negligence Claim

I’ve known Matt Lathrop for about 17 years. In those years I’ve had the privilege of hiring him to work on my worker’s compensation case and also motor vehicle accident case. He is an amazing attorney who will dedicate his time and knowledge to achieving your goal of a successful litigation. Matt has also worked on several family members’ cases all with successful outcomes. I cannot recommend anyone more than Matt Lathrop if you are looking for the best representation.

Tabitha Steponik

Bellevue, Nebraska, Worker's Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident

I worked for the city and was involved in an accident on the job causing a permanent disabling injury.  As soon as it became clear that the city had their own best interest at heart I started asking around if anyone knew of a competent lawyer that I should talk to.  I was referred to Matthew Lathrop and met with him a few days later.

It was clear from the start that Matt was a very skilled, competent, and caring individual that I wanted to represent me.  

He was very straight forward and honest even if it was something I didn’t particularly want to hear and treated me as a person not a case number.  Matt always kept me informed as to what was happening and was easily accessible, even giving me his personal cell phone number in case I needed to contact him outside of office hours.

Matt proved that the city and insurance companies were no match for him and negotiated a settlement that I feel was more than fair.  I would also like to thank his paralegal Abbie for all of her hard work and assistance with my case.  Both of you and your hard work are truly appreciated.  I will refer anybody I can that might need representation to your office as I know they will have the best representation possible.  Thank you again.


Worker's Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident

Absolutely would recommend Matt Lathrop!  My son was bitten by a dog 5 years ago and had lasting mental health issues related to the incident that he still deals with to this day.  Matt spoke to my then 11 year old son on his level yet with respect and compassion; it made my son feel so comfortable recounting this horrific event.  Not only were Matt and Abbie there with us each step of the way, they handled everything.  They dealt with the insurance company and their lawyers, and Matt negotiated a very reasonable settlement for my son.  Since he was and still is a minor, the settlement had to be handled through the probate courts and there is paperwork that needs to be filed with the courts each year, accounting for the entire settlement.  Matt’s office sends me the paperwork, I fill it out, and they take care of getting it to the courthouse and filed for me each year!  Overall Matt and Abbie are amazing at what they do and they are always willing to answer any questions.  They even send me a copy of last year’s paperwork as a guide to filling out the new paperwork required each year by the probate court!

Tona Trask

Dog Bite Case

I worked with Matt and Abbie in the fall 2013. 

I was very pleased with the level of professionalism and attention they paid to my case.  As with most people, this was my first experience with a law suit or really the legal system in general.   Because I live over 300 miles away from their office, Matt and Abbie were always very timely and accurate with their correspondence to me, always treating me with the respect, understanding and concern they felt I deserved.  My case was settled and the outcome favorable, I was pleased with what Matt and Abbie were able to do for me and have since referred their office to two other people who had similar circumstances. 

Jamie Schaneman

Matthew Lathrop is an excellent attorney and I would recommend him to virtually anyone.

I have known him for over two years.  I first met Matthew when I needed some basic legal advice.  He was extremely professional at every turn, and was able to help me obtain a resolution to my issue.  Matthew is very approachable and he takes the time to explain all steps in the legal process in plain language, which is very helpful and helps you relax in potentially stressful situations.  In addition to my first interaction with Matt, I had an issue come up that involved a political subdivision problem.  Matthew came through a second time and I doubt I would have had the same result with anyone else!

One of the best things I like about dealing with Matt is that he is very good at making himself available.  Often times when I have called, he has taken my call right away, or if not available, returning my calls in a timely manner.  The same can be said for his email communications.  Clear, concise, easy to understand, and most important to me, timely.  

In summary, Matthew Lathrop does a great job and I don’t think anyone would think otherwise!

Jim Welsh

My family and I are so thankful for Matt and his team after my mom’s auto accident where she was a passenger.  They worked with both insurance companies as well as Medicare giving us the time to focus on her recovery and planning for her care post-accident.  Their performance was seamless and they worked with my busy schedule for any required meetings.  Only THEIR negotiations with Medicare and insurance created a resolution where we didn’t have to worry about the future. Will recommend Matt and staff always

M. Olson

After a car accident, I didn’t intend to hire an attorney.  There were issues with unpaid medical bills and the other driver’s insurance company which left me no choice. Once I met with Matt, I knew that I was in good hands. He was able to ease my stress and I no longer had to worry about the medical bills or insurance company.  Matt and Abbie were both professional and compassionate.  They provided a positive experience in an unfortunate situation.  I would recommend Matt and Abbie to anyone.